Epic Enemies

Throughout the deepest reaches of the galaxy lie foes so fearsome that no technology or force power alone may conquer them. To be considered the most challenging possible Reign takes part in these challenges with the most difficult settings available, Hard mode 16-Man or greater. Our journey began with the Nightmare pilgrim, we worked to gather the required alpha wave inhibitors and for hours we battled until nearly all had fallen and a single member managed to land the killing blow scoring world first on this monstrosity. From there forward we have taken it upon ourselves to enter any environment no matter how hostile, even overrunning entire planets in massive PVP battles to claim our victories over these Epic Enemies.

REIGN is pleased to announce that we have achieved the following WORLD FIRST:
  • World 1st Kill of The Nightmare Pilgrim!

16-Man or MORE

Nightmare Pilgrim Killed
Xenoanalyst II Killed
The Eyeless Killed
Nightmarish Dreadtooth Killed
Dreadful Entity Killed
Hateful Entity Not Killed
  5/6 Bosses


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