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Sith Empire

Welcome to the Star Wars: The Old Republic branch of REIGN! Here you will find all the necessary information to connect with us in-game, learn more about our guild's progress and achievements as well get any other more detailed information that gives greater insight into this branch of our guild.

This page is continually updated with new information on a regular basis so please be sure to check back and see what's going on!
Guild Name REIGN
Guild Tag Reign
Server Jung Ma
Server Type PvP
Faction Sith Empire
Contact(s) DarkLordIce
Recruitment Status Open
Raid Days/Times
  • No Current Raiding Schedule

SWTOR Class Distribution

The following depicts a rough estimate of REIGN's current class distribution breakdown in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • This data is derived from the REIGN Character Library. Therefore it is reliant on our members adding their character profiles to our database in order to be displayed.
  • This data includes ALL characters added to the SWTOR Character Library, so alts may comprise the data as well.
  • This data is comprised of Sith Empire faction characters only (since we're an Empire-focused guild). While members may have alts on the Republic side, they are not included in this data.

Raiding Information

REIGN prides itself on obtaining excellence in everything we do. Through the continued efforts of our skilled and dedicated members, we strive to achieve the highest level of success in every tier of raiding. With several SERVER and WORLD FIRSTS to our name, we continue to be a dominating force in Star Wars: The Old Republic! Read on to learn more about our SWTOR Raiding Team.

Raiding Policies

REIGN is a firm believer of quality over quantity when it comes to progression raiding. Our goal is to conquer all levels of content the game has to offer without turning it into a second job.

We raid 3 nights a week for 3 hours per night, giving us a total of only 9 hours of raiding per week. In order to maximize our progress during this time we require all of our raiders to maintain both 100% attendance and performance levels on these nights. Attendance is mandatory on all scheduled raid nights. Invites go out at 7:45 pm EST and all raiders are expected to be ready, repaired, in the instance and ready to pull by 8:00 pm EST.

Loot Rules

REIGN uses a modified version of the Suicide Kings Loot System. A brief explanation of the system:

Raiders are placed in an ordered list with new entries starting at the bottom. When loot is dropped, the raider who wants it and is nearest the top of the list wins the loot and then drops to the bottom of the list. Everyone else who was present for the boss kill then moves up one spot. There are additional rules surrounding trial members, performance bonuses, etc. See Deloth Vyrr for more information.

Raid Progression

For complete up-to-date raid progress tracking, visit our SWTOR Raid Progress Information page!

Mumble Server

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Upcoming Events

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