Character Naming Policy

All members are required to have a believable, roleplaying-appropriate name that sounds like your character actually belongs in the game universe in which we play. This means your character must have an actual name and not a title, phrase or other handle that would be deemed out of compliance with the lore of the universe. Character names are required to be unique!

We also ask that you use the same name for your username on our forums as your intended main character name. This makes it immeasurably easier to keep track of who's who.

Don't use:
  • Names that are inappropriate for the lore of the game universe in which we play. For example, "Ipwnnoobs," or "Killyou" will not be acceptable. Your name should be believable and not something that could diminish the credibility of our guild.
  • Names taken after existing fictional characters. For example, "Sephiroth," "Legolas," "Malgus," etc.
  • Names specific to well known historical or modern day celebrities, political, religious figures. No name like "Jesus" as an example.
  • Names comprised of mix-matched case (e.g. MaLgUs)
  • Names that contain titles in them. (e.g. Darth Malgus) Titles are obtainable in some games, so naming your character with a title in it could result in silly combinations.
  • Names that will obviously be offensive to a specific group of people. We won't even go into detail here. If you aren't sure, do not use it.

Basically, this policy is intended to allow us to play on an RP server without backlash from the community. It's immersion-breaking and frankly disheartening to see someone named "xXS3phir0thXx" running around and we don't want such people to be associated with our group. Of course we realize that names are highly subjective and what may be considered acceptable to one may not be acceptable to someone else. It's ultimately up to REIGN's leadership to make the determination as to what it acceptable. Simply use common sense here and if you think your name may be inappropriate or a cause for concern, feel free to ask us first.

If you need help coming up with a name just let us know and the guild will be more than happy to come up with suggestions.

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