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What it takes to REIGN

REIGN holds a rather traditional application process for this type of gaming community, but there are nuances to it which helps ensure we maintain a high standard of quality. We're not "elitists," but we are looking to make lasting friendships so we take measures to protect the sanctity of our community and value quality over quantity.

The basic process is simple...

  1. Fill out an application form (which will automatically post in our forums).
  2. Wait for it to be reviewed and processed by an officer, enabling you to become a trial applicant (or "Hopeful," as we call them).
  3. Get an invite to the guild in your game of choice and play with us.

You'll be encouraged to hang out on our forums and Mumble server as much as you can during your Hopeful phase while we vote behind-the-scenes to determine if we feel you would be a good fit as a full member here.

Please read on for more detailed information and instructions...

How to Apply

  1. Create an account on our website. (You can do so by clicking here.)
  2. Fill out the application form.

Your application will be reviewed over the next 24 - 48 hours. Once it is found fit for processing, an officer will start your "Hopeful" trial period and welcome you to the guild. We will upgrade your account to enable you access to additional forum sections that will allow you to get to know the guild better. You will be instructed to send an in-game message to an available member who can provide you with an invitation to join the guild. A list of character names that can send you an invite will be provided to you.

Your Hopeful period will last 14 days (2 full weeks; or sometimes longer if circumstances present themselves that require more time for us to form an opinion of you), during which time our members will confer internally and vote on your membership status. Voting will be based on any combination of the following factors:

  • The content of your application;
  • Your level of in-game activity;
  • Your conduct and interactions amongst our members;
  • The quantity of your forum posts;
  • The quality of your forum posts;
  • Your participation in our Mumble (VOIP) server; and
  • Overall, how well we got to know you as a person.

Acceptance Criteria

At the end of your Hopeful period, the outcome of the vote on your membership will determine whether or not you have been accepted as a full member of the REIGN community.

In order to be accepted as a full member, the number of "Yes" votes has to outweigh the number of "No" votes by at least a 50% margin.

10 Yes, 5 No = Pass (There's 50% more "Yes" votes than "No")
10 Yes, 6 No = Fail (There's only 40% more "Yes" votes than "No")

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