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REIGN is a premium online gaming community (est. 2010), a.k.a. Guild, comprised of individuals from all over the world. We have a presence in most major Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying games, but are primarily dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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What Makes REIGN Different?



Experienced and dedicated leadership team is here to serve YOU. Not the other way around.


A strong community with constant interaction by members from all over the globe.


Uniquely peaceful co-existence between casual & core gamers allows us to do things that hardcore guilds do but without the stress. We're here to have fun.


Gaming is meant to be fun, not a second job. We know what's important and take real life responsibility seriously but still strive to get things done.

Guild Features

At REIGN you're going to find a bevy of systems and features not found anywhere else... or at least as well executed and comprehensive as you'll find here. Some of which include:

... and more!

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Our Games

While you can find REIGN partaking in just about any major multi-player game at any given time, you'll find our primary focus and highest level of activity will be found in SWTOR. You can find details of how to connect with us below:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Sith Empire

REIGN was originally founded as a pre-release guild specifically for Star Wars: The Old Republic SWTOR back in October of 2010. We've stuck with the game ever since launch and are still going strong to this day. We are proud to be one of the most well-known and respected guilds within the SWTOR community.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Server Jung Ma
Location US East
Population Light
Type RP-PvP
Faction Sith Empire
Recruitment Status Open

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  • Date Founded

    October 22, 2010

  • Activity Level

    Casual, Semi-Casual & Hardcore Gamers


  • Roster Size

    200+ Official Members